Fish and Chips please!

Fish and Chips please!

Well Hello!
Long time no speak.

Im back from maternity leave, and ready to jump back into my wonderful business!

We are having such an amazing time as a new little family, can you believe it's been five months already! But now its time for us to add my work back into this crazy new routine. I can't guarantee it will go completely smoothly, as I now seem to be functioning on extreme sleep deprivation, but I couldn't live without sewing any longer, so without further ado... let me introduce my latest piece 'Fish and Chips'...

The first time I visited the refurbished pier at Herne Bay, Kent, I thought it was just a pretty spectacle. A cute nod to the past with the exciting updates of the new. But when you start to look closer, it becomes so much more. The beach huts are a charming 'village' of independent sellers- just my kind of people! But look even further, way out to sea, and theres a fascinating ruin- the old pier head; too solid for demolition, remains isolated at sea like a ghost of the past. Every time I visit, the sea is beautifully still and seems to meet the beautifully blue sky without a change of colour- I must be very lucky! 

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