My busiest season is in full swing, I’m never ready for it when it comes, but here we are and every year it just gets bigger and better!

Autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, I love the cosy evenings and the slow cooker bubbling away in the kitchen. It inspires my work massively- my pheasants are the ones you see running around in my garden!

There are very exciting events coming up and heres the drop on my newest releases, available for pre-order now!

"The Gaggle" have now found their way onto tea towels and cushions, my artworks are printed onto a beautiful quality, organic cotton panama, then I make each cushion by hand.

"Threadbare Hare", being one of my most popular, as most requested designs has also found his way onto cushions and tea towels. This one took a lot of work! To make the files for fabric printing, my art is first scanned in, I then work endlessly to remove any backgrounds and colour correct the image so it can be reproduced onto fabric.

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