Back to the Sewing Room

Back to the Sewing Room

Well guys, it's been a long time since my last blog post. Ive had a lot on my plate lately and I haven't really had much to say of note to my business. Things have been so out of control in my personal life and my business is so closely linked with my emotions. Especially my artwork.

When I had my daughter back in 2019 I fell pretty ill, the midwives thought I was having a stroke, and after extensive tests and scans, a benign brain tumour called a Meningioma was found behind my right eye. Aggravated by raging pregnancy hormones this tumour was pushing on my optical and facial nerves and eventually started to effect the colour range in my eyes.

Four weeks after giving birth all the alarming symptoms completely subsided and I was left with the knowledge I had a ticking time bomb in my head, especially were I to want another baby. I felt such a mixture of overwhelm, so, so incredibly lucky that we found the tumour before it could do much lasting damage, but also a bit empty. I had always wanted a big family and I found that adjustment the absolute hardest part.

Ive been closely monitored by an amazing team of neurosurgeons since and this February I got the dreaded call to say my little friend had grown significantly on my optical nerve and if left to grow much further would completely disconnect my vision. Pretty grim for an artist.

So for the past 7 weeks we have been travelling from Dover to central London every day for the very best treatment. Radiotherapy to try to shrink the tumour or at the very least stop growth. My oncologist is very positive that, despite these types of tumour being slow to get the message that they are unwelcome, they should see wonderful results within the next year. So now we wait...

I have been brutally honest on my Instagram stories about the journey, it’s been pretty gruelling but that’s the only way I know to cope with the racing craziness around me. Would we call it stoic irony?

In the meantime I hope my eyesight improves enough to start sewing again, I’ve got a new set watercolours chomping at the bit and some ideas to get out of my head and onto linen!

FK x

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I’ve only just seen your post and just wanted to wish you all the very best through your journey. It’s so cruel that someone with your talent should be hit with this, but hopefully you will find the strength, both from within yourself and from friends, family and the very many well wishers who will have been in touch, to see this off and be able to resume your creative genius.
All the best

Angela Henry

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