A little sneak peek of this year’s Christmas range...

A little sneak peek of this year’s Christmas range...

Now, I know it's very early to start talking about the C-word, and none of the pieces are quite finished, but I thought you would all like a glimpse of what's on my desk/kitchen table.
I love every season for what it brings, and that gets lost in my artwork if I’m not ready to celebrate it and I’m just getting the feels for autumn/winter. This is the first of a (hopefully) four part seasonal collection; the lovely yew tree sprig, I need to work into it a bit more with possibly a white thread, but for now it’s hanging in my kitchen so I can ponder it. Oh and a little tiny peek at the top of the next piece to go onto the sewing machine.


Original Embroidery Art by Francesca Kemp Textile Art featuring a Yew sprig and orange/red berries on my painting desk

Continuing to expand the ever popular floral collection, I have added these pieces for those who like me who continue to love the florals but want something more seasonal.

Hope you love them,

FK x




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